Jason Wiener, Esq.

I was first exposed to cooperatives in college, learning about alternative economic structures and business models.  I was fortunate to work for 5.5 years as an in house general counsel and co-owner at Namaste Solar, a worker-owned cooperative in the solar electric business.  After a prior life in a “glass canyon” (aka sky-scraper) law practice in New York City, I found what would become my professional and personal infatuation; cooperatives and sustainable social enterprise.  From basic cooperative formation, to worker/stakeholder ownership conversions; from cooperative capital development strategies to non-extractive financing; from democratic governance to transparent and accountable decision-making, I am passionate about all things related to the cooperative business model.  I believe that we are living through a cooperative and generative business renaissance and this age-old business model contains all the ingredients now craved by selling business owners and new entrepreneurs.  I enjoy applying my training as a lawyer to thoughtfully manage risk, develop creative strategies, and – most of all – execute your plan.

Please find out more about me on my website: www.jrwiener.com/team/jason/