CCD is a collaboration between two experienced Colorado cooperative business attorney-developers who are passionate about educating people and the business community about cooperatives and applying this inherently ethical and sustainable business model to new and on-going businesses.

We are living through a unique time in human history.  Rapid changes in technology, the workplace, access to land and natural resources, and business culture mean we need to explore new ways of organizing our economy and business.  At the same time, we are living through the largest wealth transfer in human history.  This means that we must commit to new, non-extractive ways of doing business.

An age old form of business, the cooperative is proving to be uniquely suited for entrepreneurs looking to start a mission-driven company, as well business owners looking to leave a legacy by selling a business to its workers or stakeholders.  Both at the formation and conversion stages, the cooperative model is being applied in new ways that shows us business CAN do well and do good at the same time.


Call or email us with your questions and we will be delighted to talk to you about your ideas. Mention CCD when you contact us and receive the initial consultation at no charge and first hour of work at a discount. Find out more about us on the "Developers" page.


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