Jason Wiener, Esq.

I was first exposed to cooperatives in college, learning about alternative economic structures and business models.  I was fortunate to work for 5.5 years as an in house general counsel and co-owner at Namaste Solar, a worker-owned cooperative in the solar electric business.  After a prior life in a “glass canyon” (aka sky-scraper) law practice in New York City, I found what would become my professional and personal infatuation; cooperatives and sustainable social enterprise.  From basic cooperative formation, to worker/stakeholder ownership conversions; from cooperative capital development strategies to non-extractive financing; from democratic governance to transparent and accountable decision-making, I am passionate about all things related to the cooperative business model.  I believe that we are living through a cooperative and generative business renaissance and this age-old business model contains all the ingredients now craved by selling business owners and new entrepreneurs.  I enjoy applying my training as a lawyer to thoughtfully manage risk, develop creative strategies, and – most of all – execute your plan.

Please find out more about me on my website: www.jrwiener.com



Jessica Allen, Contract Associate

Jessica is a contract associate at Jason Wiener, P.C. where she has been able to merge her passion for social enterprise with her career as a transactional attorney. Thriving on helping small businesses in different stages of growth, Jessica’s practice focuses on entity formation, financing, intellectual property protection, and securities issues.

While in law school, Jessica served on the board of the Deming Center Venture Fund and was a student attorney for the Entrepreneurial Law Clinic. During this time, Jessica also interned for the Department of Energy, the CU Technology Transfer Office, and multiple non-profit organizations. Prior to starting law school, Jessica spent time traveling the world and immersing herself in variety of cultures.

Jessica holds a B.S in Microbiology and a B.A. in Religious Studies from the University of California Santa Barbara and a J.D. from the University of Colorado Law School. She also holds a Masters of Resource Law Studies from Denver University, Sturm College of Law where she received honors with a concentration in Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development.